Audio CD production

We produce audio CD for you cheaply, as professional CDR copies for less than 300 pieces and as CD pressings from 300 pieces! In classic jewel case, cardboard case, digifile or digipack, with booklet or without.

Audio CD copies for small editions

  • Professional CDR copies
  • Less than 300 copies for small editions
  • CD Label in four-colour printing

  • Cardboard sleeve, digifile, digitpack, jewel case in digital printing
  • Booklets from 4 pages in digital printing

Audio CD pressings for larger editions of more than 300 copies

  • Professional CD pressings
  • For editions of 300 copies or more. Making a glass master
  • CD label in four-color printing (silkscreen or offset print)

Short delivery times, cheap production!

  • Cardboard, digifile, digitpack, jewel case, etc.
  • Booklets from 4 pages with offset print
  • Individual solutions with, for example, collector’s boxes

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!