Dubplates /

Vinyl direct cuts

Dubplates are perfect as a personal gift, for DJs or collectors. Our dubplates are as durable as vinyl records because the blanks are made of vinyl and not acetate! An inexpensive and high-quality production of individual records!

Vinyl – cut not pressed!

Each of these records are unique and are cut into a PVC blank in real time, the same material used to press “normal” vinyl records.

Unlike traditional dubplates, which are cut into acetate discs and have a durability of about 80 playbacks, our custom made vinyl record cuts last as long as pressed records. Furthermore they can be cut up to + 8dB! Their sound quality is identical to pressed vinyl and are ideal for scratching. Our dubplates are cut on a vinyl recorder.

Since the sound of the vinyl recorder differs from the Neumann mastercut machines, our vinyl custom made products are unfortunately not suitable as a test cut for a pressing. If a reference cut is to be made on an acetate blank, please contact us.

How much fits where on it?

Due to the technical specifics of the machine, the lengthen listed below should not be significantly exceeded (+ 15). The lengthen are less than for pressed records, please bear this in mind when ordering.

Standard lengthen per page:

45 rpm 33 rpm
12″ 8 minutes 12 minutes
10″ 6 minutes 8 minutes
7″ 4 minutes 6 minutes

12″ overlength per side:

45 rpm 33 rpm
12″ -/- 16 minutes
12″ -/- 20 minutes

How can I order my personal vinyl single production?

A calculator for dubplate production will be set up on the neophon website soon. Until then, requests can be made to us by E-mail or telephone. After that, we will send you a binding offer, which you can commission with us.

The following parameters are important for the preparation of The offer:

  • Vinyl format: 12″, 10″ or 7″
  • Vinyl colour: black or transparent
  • On a one-sided or two-sided cut
  • Standard length or overlength (see Table “How much fits where?,” overlength only at 12″ possible)
  • Unprinted white or 4-colour printed labels
  • Unprinted brown discobag with 2 center holes or 4-color printed cover sleeve