Vinyl record pressings

From 100 copies we will start our Presses for You! We collaborate closely with a small and fine record manufacturing and we produce there finest 7″ and 12″ vinyl records for you. The 12″ records will be pressed at the Niederrhein area and the 7″ Singles in Bavaria. We will be able to offer also 7″ vinyl records from our manufacturing at the Niederrhein area from summer 2019.

Business activities

  • Advice & Planning
  • Vinyl record pressing from 100 copies
  • About 5 weeks delivery time for 12″, 6 weeks delivery time for 7″
  • Audio mastering analog or digital
  • Production of the lacquer or DMM Master Cut
  • Electroplating / galvanic metal work for lacquer or DMM
  • Quality Control, Packaging & Logistics
  • 12″ standard 140g or heavy vinyl 180g, 7″ standard 42g
  • Black & colored, plain-coloured and multi coloured, opaque and transparent
  • Marbled vnyl, unique copies, multi-coloured
  • Special formats such as shaped-vinyl
  • Glow-in-the-dark vinyl
  • VideoVinyl: Master Cut, pressing, VideoVinyl decoder

Vinyl cover sleeves & Co

  • Discobag without spine, with and without center holes
  • Cover sleeve with 3 or 4mm spine for 1 or 2 Records
  • Gatefold cover with 7mm spine for up to 2 Records
  • Inner sleeves printed or unprinted
  • Deluxe Inner sleeves, poly-lined, white or black
  • Supplements, one-sided or two-sided
  • Booklets from 4 sides
  • Collector’s boxes, protective cases
Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!
  • all printed materials for 7″ and 12″ vinyl
  • Digital printing for small runs from 1 piece
  • Silkscreen print from 50 pieces
  • Offset print from 100 pieces
  • Advice & production of individual cover requests
  • A variety of paper and cardboard types and grammages available
  • CMYK four-color print and special colors
  • Matt or glossy varnish, inside-out print
  • Print finishing, relief, punching, embossing, spot varnish

Audio mastering & master cut

In addition to the record pressings, we also offer the production of audio mastering for vinyl and digital versions on request. We collaborate with mastering engineers in Düsseldorf and Berlin who work for us with confidence. We have some genre specialists in the team who work with the same passion as we do! If desired, we can convey services only or integrate it into the entire project.

When the mastering is complete, the so-called master cut (lacquer or DMM) can be produced. Here we collaborate with cutting studios in Berlin and Augsburg. The master cut is the master copy for the pressing stampers, which are made in a subsequent electroplating process. During the master cut, the sound informations will be cut into the master cut medium (lacquer or DMM) in real time. Special cutting machines are used for this purpose, most of which are produced by the manufacturer Neumann and are no longer manufactured today!

Silkscreen products & finishing

7″ & 12″ DIY silkscreen cover sleeve

  • Punched and grooved 300g GC1 cardboard
  • With and without spine possible
  • Print-ready master artwork will be provided by the customer
  • High-quality silkscreen with 1-4 colours
  • Cover will be delivered not glued!
  • Wrinkles and bonding by the customer
  • Strong special adhesive tape included

7″ & 12″ silkscreen supplement

  • Many materials and grammages can be selected
  • High-quality silkscreen printing, one or two-sided, 1-4 colours

Silkscreen print on vinyl records

  • High-quality silkscreen printing, 1-2 colours possible
  • Print on transparent vinyl record for great visual effects
  • Print on opaque colored vinyl records also possible

Download codes digitally or printed

Download codes including hosting

  • From 100 download codes
  • You get the space you need
  • Digital deployment or as an attractive bundle including printed download cards
  • Attractive prices, professional service
We appreciate your enquiry!